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Dispute about who poses the main existential threat to the collective West

Alisher Ilkhamov

28 March, 2023

The article notes the ongoing dispute in the United States about which of the two states, China or the Russian Federation, should be considered the main existential threat to the world order, the collective West and, in general, democracies around the world. The author believes that at this historical moment, such a threat comes primarily from Putin’s Russia, which prompts the United States and the collective West to adhere to corresponding foreign policy priorities. However, the threat from China will grow over time as its economic power grows. However, Beijing will continue to reckon with the fact that at least in the next ten years the growth of its economic power will not reach economic superiority over the West. Besides, China’s ambitions on the world stage can and should be contained by erecting a barrier to transferring advanced technologies to it, in the sphere of which China still lags far behind the leading Western economies. Such an embargo would significantly prolong the economic superiority of the collective West over China, forcing the latter to continue following the foreign policy doctrine of Deng Xiaoping, which dictates the subordination of the ruling regime’s political ambitions to the interests of the country’s economic development.

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