You are currently viewing <strong>HOW TO OVERCOME RUSSIA’S IMPERIAL LEGACY</strong>


by Alisher Ilkhamov

16 February, 2023

Although the author is neither a Russian citizen nor an expert on this country, the wars that were unleashed by Moscow, first against Georgia and then against Ukraine, as well as threats from the Russian ruling elite, began to be heard more and more often against Kazakhstan, force us, the citizens of the Central Asian states, to pay our attention to where this country is going and  how the problem of neo-imperial claims on its part should be addressed. Although, as we can see, the Russian political opposition is being engaged in the task of rebuilding Russia and its political system, there is no certainty that this opposition, represented by its leaders, sees the fullness of the problem and proposes sufficient measures to overcome the country’s imperial legacy. Our concern is that there are still birthmarks of imperial consciousness in the views of the Russian opposition.  which forces us, the citizens of other post-Soviet countries, to figure out for ourselves how this country can get rid of its imperial hallucinations.

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