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Is Putin’s Regime Nazi?

by Alisher Ilkhamov


In this essay, the evolution of Putin’s views, from his neo-imperial and anti-Western statements to his formulation of a neo-Nazi ideological doctrine, is considered. This doctrine has apparently brought him to a decision to launch a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. I compare his doctrine with the key parameters of the ideologies of the past Italian fascism and German Nazism. The conclusion of this comparison is the confirmation of my earlier statement that the Putin regime, in its late evolution, can indeed be considered a new kind and form of neo-Nazism. There is nothing unexpected about this conclusion. Today, many observers call this regime fascist. Still, it is most often just a figure of speech, a pejorative term as a reaction to the atrocities and genocide that the Russian military is committing in Ukraine. This article attempts to substantiate the same conclusion but does that by an effort to meet the standards of impartial analysis of Putin’s views.

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